Competition - Finalists 2023

Tax Super + You Competition


Students in Years 7–12 from all over Australia have dedicated their time to develop creative projects that tell us about tax and super. The entry topics were:

  • Junior (Year 7–9): How do tax and super help me and my community?
  • Senior (Year 10–12): What are the most important things you need to know about tax and super to be work ready?

The finalists for the 2023 Tax, Super + You competition are below.


Junior high school entries


Entry 1: Exploring Financial Freedom
See also:
Lucas Barkho, Noah Friend, Ali Alafchal, Azten Lopez (Year 9 - NSW)

Entry 2: Tax and Super Australia
Merita Rose Jimmy (Year 8 - VIC)

Entry 3: Tax Trek Australia
Jaynie Heng, Teagan Lee, Emma Liang (Year 8 - SA)

Entry 4: The Detectigators
Elizabeth Ims, Clare Wanandy (Year 9 - TAS)

Entry 5: Australian Families POV
Mia Seng (Year 9 - QLD)

Entry 6: Tax Report – All you need to know
CJ Parkinson, Joshua Georgiades, Sasith Chandrasena, Aakaash Anandakrishnan (Year 8 - SA)

Entry 7: Batmanimation
Micah Atkinson (Year 9 - VIC)


Senior high school entries



Entry 8: Winners News Now
Jasmin Caccetta, Jessica Thompson, Ashleigh Sharman, Nadyashani Igusti (Year 10 - WA)

Entry 9: Tax for Pirates
Kevin Wu, Ryan Kim, Owen Suyko (Year 10 - NSW)

Entry 10: Case 47 - The mystifying world of tax and super
Ang Li, Josie Hamilton, Shay Brokensha (Year 11 - QLD)

Entry 11: The Land of Tax Down Under
Darcy Schneider, Declan Rumble, Vince Mandado (Year 10 - VIC)

Entry 12: Tax for Teens
Taylor Harding (Year 10 - NSW)

Entry 13: Becoming Work Ready – The Game, Phoebe King (Year 10 - NSW)



Entry 14: Tax and Super Rap
Jade Heath, Gemma Aho, Megan Hill (Year 10 - WA)