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What is this program?

Work Ready Course is an educational online resource provided free of charge by the ATO. It aims to help year 10-12 students comprehend Australia’s tax system and become work-ready.

The course incorporates teaching resources, assessment activities and digital interactives to help students develop a good understanding of the Australian tax and super systems.

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Key learnings

  1. Understand the meaning of tax and super, how they work and why they are important.

  2. Develop the skills to become work-ready and successfully navigate Australia’s tax and super systems.

  3. Understand the responsibilities of businesses in relation to tax and super.

Modules in course

You cannot continue to the next module until the prior module is completed.

About tax
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15min - 30min 2 topics
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Tax basics

  • What is tax?
  • How is tax collected and spent?
  • Who pays tax?
  • The value of tax

  • Why tax is important?
  • Tax evasion
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    About super
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    15min - 30min 1 topic
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  • What is superannuation?
  • Why is super important?
  • What happens to the money?
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    Becoming work ready
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    1h - 2h 5 topics
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    Setting up for tax

  • Your TFN
  • Applying for a TFN
  • Starting a job

  • Completing a Tax file number declaration
  • How to choose a super fund
  • Now you’re in a job

  • The income tax process
  • How much tax will you pay and how do you pay it?
  • How much tax will be deducted from your pay?
  • Moving into a digital space
  • Lodging your tax return

  • Do I need to do a tax return?
  • What information do you need to complete a tax return?
  • Allowable deductions
  • Completing a tax return
  • Using a tax agent
  • Now you’re older

  • How do I pay for further training or study?
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    Becoming business ready
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    15min - 30min 2 topics
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    Starting a business

  • Are you in business?
  • Registering a business
  • Running a business

  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • It’s tax time
  • The sharing economy