Playing the long game

SubjectNSW Commerce YearStage 5 Curriculum Time50

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In this activity students learn that superannuation is money put aside for their retirement and begin to understand that being informed can make a difference to their long-term financial wellbeing.

Australian Curriculum or Syllabus

This activity contributes to the following outcomes.

A student:

  • applies consumer, financial, economic, business, legal, political and employment concepts and terminology in a variety of contexts COM5-1
  • analyses key factors affecting decisions COM5-4
  • evaluates options for solving problems and issues COM5-5
  • works independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals within specified timeframes COM5-9

Related Stage 4 outcomes: COM4-1, COM4-5, COM4-9

Related Life Skills outcomes: COMLS-5, COMLS-7, COMLS-13

Content descriptions

Core 1: Consumer and Financial Decisions

Financial management


  • discuss the role and importance of long-term financial strategies, including superannuation
  • investigate tools and strategies for effective financial management, including:
    • savings and superannuation plan.

Core 3: Employment and Work Futures

Work and wellbeing


  • examine the contribution of work to the wellbeing of individuals and broader society, including:
    • the relationship of work to quality of life, for example, disposable income, health, household economic wellbeing, superannuation accrual, household management.

Option 2: Investing

Reasons for investing


  • examine individual and business investment, including: (ACHEK018, ACHEK020, ACHEK040)
    • the reasons individuals and businesses may choose to invest.

Investment planning


  • explain how changes in personal and economic circumstances may lead to variations in investment decisions

Teacher resources

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Why can't we rely on the age-pension?


Writing paragraphs in Commerce

Student learning resources

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How much super will I need?


Playing the long game

How to

Writing paragraphs in Commerce

Suggested activity sequence

This sequence is intended as a framework to be modified and adapted by teachers to suit the needs of a class group. If you assign this activity to a class, your students will be assigned all student resources on their 'My learning' page. You can also hand-pick the resources students are assigned by selecting individual resources when you add a work item to a class in 'My classes'.

  1. Invite students to imagine their lives backwards.

    You are 60 years old and want to retire. What sort of retirement do you want?

  2. Students read the explainer or read it as a class.
  3. Select students to share some of their ideas and key pieces of information. Discuss.
  4. Students complete the worksheet.
  5. Use a grouping strategy to organise students into groups of 4.
  6. Display the statistics on the visualiser.
  7. Groups discuss the impact of these statistics on the future of age pensions.
  8. Explicitly teach how paragraphs are structured using the Writing paragraphs in Commerce – Visualiser or invite students to read Writing paragraphs in Commerce – Model.
  9. Redisplay the statistics on the visualiser.
  10. Students write an evidence-based paragraph explaining why their generation cannot rely on the age pension.

Useful prior learning