Your tax time questions answered

Does your teen need to lodge a tax return this year? We’ve answered some of the common questions we receive each tax time to help make lodging a breeze.

Do I need to lodge a tax return?

Generally, when you have tax taken out of your pay during the year or earn over $18,200 during the income year, you need to lodge a tax return. But you can find out easily using the ATO’s ‘Do I need to lodge?’ tool by logging into ATO Online services. Alternatively, you can use the tool on the ATO website.

When is the best time to lodge?

The best time to lodge your tax return is from late July. This is because most of your information from your employers, banks, health funds and government agencies will be automatically pre-filled in your return for you. This makes it easier to lodge your tax return online through our online services, saves you time and reduces errors.

How do I lodge?

You can prepare and lodge your own tax return online for free via myTax. To access myTax and our other online services, you’ll need a myGov account that’s linked to the ATO. Lodging online is quick, safe, secure. The deadline for lodging your own tax return is 31 October.

You can also use a registered tax agent – just make sure they’re registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and you are on their books by 31 October.

When lodging, make sure your personal and bank details are correct. This will ensure your refund goes to you and not someone else.

When will I get my refund?

Most tax returns lodged online are processed within two weeks. You can check the progress of your tax return at any time using the ATO app or ATO online services, accessed through your myGov account.

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