Cash, tax and super

SubjectWork Studies YearYear 9 CurriculumAC v8.4 Time45

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In this activity, students learn what happens if their employer tries to avoid paying tax and super on their behalf by paying them cash-in-hand or ‘under the table’.

Australian Curriculum or Syllabus

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 9 students understand the importance and components of self-directed and lifelong learning. They investigate the skills and personal qualities associated with a range of occupations and explain the importance of teamwork and collaboration. They identify the types and purposes of communication in workplaces, including social media. Students understand entrepreneurial behaviours and their importance for work and in addressing a range of challenges. They explain the relationships between self-awareness and career planning resources. They investigate the changes occurring in work,
workplaces and work-related relationships and the factors contributing to the changes. They identify opportunities associated with these changes. Students identify the contribution of diverse cultures to work and workplaces. They describe formal and informal recruitment processes.

Students plan and implement strategies to improve their learning and strengthen their individual learning skills. Students research and analyse information, organise teams, and communicate effectively using appropriate types of communications in a given context. They propose explanations and predict outcomes. Students practise entrepreneurial skills and attributes and propose actions in response to identified work and community challenges. They research and filter relevant career information resources. Students create career scenarios and identify the skills to manage career transitions. Students collect and evaluate data and information to draw conclusions about changes to work arrangements and their potential impact on their future. Students synthesise data and information to form reasoned conclusions. Students present their findings and explanations.

Content descriptions

Identify the importance of rights and responsibilities for employers and workers (ACWSCL019)

Student learning resources

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Cash, tax and super


Who is being robbed?

Suggested activity sequence

This sequence is intended as a framework to be modified and adapted by teachers to suit the needs of a class group.

  1. As a class, read the information of the explainer. As you read, ask students if they know of anyone who is paid cash-in-hand without the ATO knowing. Alternatively, students can read the explainer individually or in pairs and take notes using the Cornell note taking system.
  2. Students complete the worksheet.
  3. Students complete a 3-2-1:
    • 3 things the student learned from the activity
    • 2 things the student found interesting and what they’d like to learn more about.
    • 1 question they still have.
  4. Discuss the questions students still have and give them time to explore answers.

Useful prior learning