Competition - 2021 shortlisted and prize winning entries

Tax Super + You Competition


Junior category:

  • First prize – Elizabeth Webb (WA)
  • Second prize – Alma-Mia Marret (VIC)
  • Third prize – Miliana Callan (NSW)
  • People’s Choice Award – Punara Samarakoor, Myla Fedhi and Nabila Khan (VIC)

Senior category:

  • First prize – Sarah Bosboom (SA)
  • Second prize – Chanel Bocman (NSW)
  • Third prize – Hayley Truesdale and Marissa Murray (SA)
  • People’s Choice Award – Alyssa Cunanan (VIC)


Junior high school entries



Entry 1: Story – Alma-Mia Marret (VIC)
Second prize winner


Entry 2: Tottenham - Punara Samarakoor, Myla Fedhi, Nabila Khan (VIC)
People's Choice Award winner


Entry 3: Tax & Super – Elizabeth Webb (WA)
First prize winner


Entry 4: Parent Tax – Stella Leslie (QLD)


Entry 5: Tax Super and You – Alif Keating, Rajveer Panesar, Richard Kong (QLD)


Entry 6: Tax + Super Rap – Miliana Callan (NSW)
Third prize winner


Entry 7: Superannuation – Sahana Maini (VIC)



Senior high school entries


Entry 8: Taking on Tax & Growing Super Savvy – Sarah Bosboom (SA)
First prize winner


Entry 9: Good 4 U (parody) – Samantha Dendle, Zoe Delroy (QLD)


Entry 10: Song – Caleb Harrison, Eli Butcher (NSW)


Entry 11: Your First Job – Alex Wiggett, Ethan Doak (SA)


Entry 12: Tax, Super and You - A Comic – Alyssa Cunanan (VIC)
People’s Choice Award winner


Entry 13: Tax and Super – Chanel Bocman (NSW)
Second prize winner


Entry 14: Tax, Super and You – Hayley Truesdale, Marissa Murray (SA)
Third prize winner