Is Tax, Super + You aligned with the curriculum?

Our resources in Tax, Super + You were written with the curriculum in mind. All align to the Australian Curriculum or other syllabuses around Australia.
Our activities align with the following learning areas or subjects in the Australian Curriculum:

  • Years 7-12 English
  • Years 7-12 Mathematics
  • Years 7-10 History
  • Years 7-10 Geography
  • Years 7-10 Civics and Citizenship
  • Years 7-10 Economics and Business
  • Years 7-10 Health and Physical Education
  • Years 9-10 Work Studies

There are also scores of activities for teachers of NSW Commerce. All curriculum aligned activities identify how what you are teaching aligns with the curriculum in your state or territory, including outcomes and content in NSW and content descriptions and achievement standards in the Australian Curriculum.  
And if you’re teaching senior secondary, there are lots of activities for Economics, Business and Health. The links to your state or territory curriculum are provided so you can check out how the activity aligns with your curriculum. You can also choose from English and Mathematics activities, which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum if you want. 

So, wherever you are in Australia, when you make use of the hundreds of resources in Tax, Super + You, you can be sure that you are teaching the curriculum. Delve into our resources to bring the curriculum to life. By using our many practical applications, you will be equipping your kids for independent adult lives.