Smoke, sip and see sport

SubjectHealth & Physical Education YearYear 8 CurriculumAC v8.4 Time110

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In this set of interconnected learning experiences students investigate how tax can target risk-taking behaviour by, for example, taxing alcohol and cigarettes to make them less affordable or by funding anti-smoking campaigns to reduce smoking.

Australian Curriculum or Syllabus

Achievement standard

By the end of Year 8, students evaluate strategies and resources to manage changes and transitions and investigate their impact on identities. Students evaluate the impact on wellbeing of relationships and valuing diversity. They analyse factors that influence emotional responses. They investigate strategies and practices that enhance their own, others’ and community health, safety and wellbeing. They investigate and apply movement concepts and select strategies to achieve movement and fitness outcomes. They examine the cultural and historical significance of physical activities and examine how connecting to the environment can enhance health and wellbeing.

Students apply personal and social skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships and promote safety, fair play and inclusivity. They demonstrate skills to make informed decisions, and propose and implement actions that promote their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. Students demonstrate control and accuracy when performing specialised movement sequences and skills. They apply movement concepts and refine strategies to suit different movement situations. They apply the elements of movement to compose and perform movement sequences.

Content descriptions

Investigate and select strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS073).

Plan and use health practices, behaviours and resources to enhance health, safety and wellbeing of their communities (ACPPS077).

Student learning resources

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Group task

Smoke, sip and see sport

Suggested activity sequence

This sequence is intended as a framework to be modified and adapted by teachers to suit the needs of a class group.

Part A: Adverts

  1. Introduce advertising in sport.

    Advertising in sport has changed over the last decades. Smoking and alcohol generate government revenue and for many years tobacco and alcoholic products were advertised freely at sporting events. However, this advertising no longer happens.

  2. Use a grouping strategy to organise students into groups of 4.
  3. Groups complete the investigation.
  4. As a class, discuss the pros and cons of each of the propositions. Possible responses are provided below.


    Possible responses

    Bring back advertising of cigarettes and alcohol during and around sporting events.

    This might increase use of cigarettes and alcohol, which will increase revenue from tax excise.

    That money could be used to increase health funding.

    Continue to ban advertising of cigarettes and alcohol during and around sporting events.

    This might decrease use of cigarettes and alcohol, which will decrease revenue from tax excise.

    The reduction in government revenue could reduce health funding

    Increase anti-smoking and anti-alcohol advertising.

    This might decrease smoking rates and the use of alcohol, which will decrease revenue from tax excise but may reduce the amount of money needed to treat health issues related to drug and alcohol use.

Part B: Two-minute debate – advertising in sport

  1. Introduce advertising in sport with a discussion about how the sale of cigarettes and alcohol generate government revenue, yet these products cannot be advertised during sporting events. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?
  2. Reconvene original groups and give them the following instructions:

    Two people in each group will argue for advertising cigarettes and alcohol at sporting venues and during television coverage for 2 minutes, then the other 2 people will argue against for 2 minutes.

    Following the first debate, students swap sides and repeat the debate – this time pairs are arguing the opposite point of view.

  3. Call time (2 minutes + 2 minutes) and ask students to write a summary of their opinions on advertising in sport in their books, including the reasons for their views.

Part C: Reflection

Use a reflection strategy to encourage students to reflect on their learning about tax, health, and wellbeing.