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And the Tax, Super + You competition winners are..

Watch as Deputy Commissioner Andrew Watson and Assistant Commissioner Bianca Armytage announce the winners
and congratulate everyone who entered the competition.


The 2023 Tax, Super + You competition has closed, and the winners have been announced. Have a look to see if your favourite was a winner!

Junior category:

  • First prize – Jaynie Heng, Teagan Lee and Emma Liang (SA)
  • Second prize – CJ Parkinson, Joshua Georgiades, Sasith Chandrasena and Aakaash Anandakrishnan (SA)
  • Third prize – Micah Atkinson (VIC)
  • People’s Choice Award – Elizabeth Ims and Clare Wanandy (TAS)
  • Highly Commended - Lucas Barkho, Noah Friend, Ali Alafchal and Azten Lopez (NSW)

Senior category:

  • First prize – Jade Heath, Gemma Aho and Megan Hill (WA)
  • Second prize – Darcy Schneider, Declan Rumble and Vince Mandado (VIC)
  • Third prize – Kevin Wu, Ryan Kim and Owen Suyko (NSW)
  • People’s Choice Award – Jasmin Caccetta, Jessica Thompson, Ashleigh Sharman and Nadyashani Igusti (WA)
  • Highly Commended - Phoebe King (NSW)


Tax, Super + You teacher’s kit

Teachers can find out how to incorporate the Tax, Super + You teaching resources into classroom lesson plans at https://taxsuperandyou.gov.au/competition#teachers-kit


Contact us

Email: taxsuperandyoucompetition@ato.gov.au


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2023 competition finalists

Students in Years 7–12 from all over Australia dedicated their time to develop creative projects that tell us about tax and super. The finalists for the 2023 Tax, Super + You competition are below.


Junior high school entries


Tax Trek Australia
Jaynie Heng, Teagan Lee, Emma Liang (Year 8 - SA)
First prize winner



Tax Report – All you need to know
CJ Parkinson, Joshua Georgiades, Sasith Chandrasena, Aakaash Anandakrishnan (Year 8 - SA)
Second prize winner



Micah Atkinson (Year 9 - VIC)
Third prize winner



The Detectigators
Elizabeth Ims, Clare Wanandy (Year 9 - TAS)
People’s Choice Award winner



Exploring Financial Freedom
See also: https://sites.google.com/education.nsw.gov.au/commerce09-taxsuper-you
Lucas Barkho, Noah Friend, Ali Alafchal, Azten Lopez (Year 9 - NSW)
Highly Commended winner



Tax and Super Australia
Merita Rose Jimmy (Year 8 - VIC)



Australian Families POV
Mia Seng (Year 9 - QLD)




Senior high school entries



Tax and Super Rap
Jade Heath, Gemma Aho, Megan Hill (Year 10 - WA)
First prize winner



The Land of Tax Down Under
Darcy Schneider, Declan Rumble, Vince Mandado (Year 10 - VIC)
Second prize winner



Tax for Pirates
Kevin Wu, Ryan Kim, Owen Suyko (Year 10 - NSW)
Third prize winner



Winners News Now
Jasmin Caccetta, Jessica Thompson, Ashleigh Sharman, Nadyashani Igusti (Year 10 - WA)
People’s Choice Award winner



Becoming Work Ready – The Game, Phoebe King (Year 10 - NSW)
Highly Commended winner



Case 47 - The mystifying world of tax and super
Ang Li, Josie Hamilton, Shay Brokensha (Year 11 - QLD)



Tax for Teens
Taylor Harding (Year 10 - NSW)


Competition past winners

On this page you’ll find links to previous years shortlisted and winning entries of the Tax, Super + You competition and an animation that was developed from a previous entrant.

Past years shortlisted and prize winning entries.



Village and the Boy Named Tax animation

Developed from the second-prize winning story in 2017 by high school student, Felicity Pollard, the Village and the Boy Named Tax animation is a student’s perspective of the value of tax in the community. 2017 Tax, Super + You competition first prize winner, Elise Hutchison, worked on the creation of the animation, including the voiceover. You can check out the animation here.




The Village and the Boy Named Tax – behind the scenes

The 2017 Tax, Super + You competition first-prize winner Elise Hutchinson worked on production of the animation during work experience with the ATO’s Marketing and Communication team. This behind-the-scenes video documents Elise’s experience, including recording the voiceover for the animation.



Teacher information

The Tax, Super + You competition is a fun and exciting way to learn about tax and super. We want young people to have the information and skills to help them understand and navigate the tax and superannuation systems, now and into the future.

The competition is an engaging way for teachers to incorporate the Tax, Super + You resources into your classroom lesson plans. The teaching resources available on this website, will help teachers explain how the Australian tax and superannuation systems work, the benefits to the community and the role Australians play in supporting these systems.

The competition is open to all students in Year 7—12 enrolled in the Australian education system. You can run the competition for individuals or as a group activity, as part of your regular classwork or as an extension activity.

Entries for the 2023 Tax Super and You competition closed on Friday 25th August 2023.

Voting for the 2023 Peoples choice awards closed at 5pm on Monday the 18th September 2023.

If you have further questions about the competition you can email us at taxsuperandyoucompetition@ato.gov.au


Expression of interest

If you would like to find out more information about the competition, or receive updates about tax and super in the curriculum, let us know! Fill in the expression of interest form and we will get back to you.

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From teacher and student participants


‘I would definitely promote the competition to other teachers, because it's a fun learning experience to challenge the students beyond the classroom and there's the added benefit of cash prizes. We knew going into the competition it would be beneficial as the ATO has a very good reputation and is one organisation that the students will deal with as they embark on the working lives in the future. It's very positive for the students to have such a positive experience with the ATO at such a young age whilst learning about the seriousness of challenges around tax and super.’
Teacher, WA


‘We wanted a fun way of getting students involved in becoming comfortable with using words associated with tax. (The competition) gave all the students an opportunity to be creative with a topic that is not traditionally seen as fun. It is a great way to engage students in a topic that can be confusing and sometimes tedious. But my students loved it and know so much more about tax than they actually thought they would!’
Teacher, VIC


‘You would think students in high school would know simple concepts such as tax and super but just like land line phones and area codes these simple concepts seems to have missed this generation. Therefore the opportunity to provide current, relevant learning was not only a bonus as a teacher but I experienced much delight with the students displayed motivation and enthusiasm with learning about, well yes TAX! I can’t wait to run it again with my new group of students this year. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.’
Teacher, QLD


‘As a student participant I have gained a deeper understanding about the way tax and super works. I know about how saving money continuously as soon as you start work is very beneficial and a smart choice.’
Student, WA

Terms and conditions


About the competition

The Tax, Super + You competition is split into two categories, Junior and Senior. Your entry should address the topic for your category. Entry topics for 2023 were:

  • Junior (Year 7–9): “How do tax and super help me and my community?”
  • Senior (Year 10–12): “What are the most important things you need to know about tax and super to be work ready?”


Types of entries students can submit

There are no limits on the type of the entry that students can submit. Some examples include:

  • Write it: short stories, poems, scripts or case studies
  • Make it: artworks, comic strips, songs, animations or prototypes of apps or games
  • Film it: videos, skits or music clips.


Who can enter

The competition is open to all students in years 7–12 enrolled in the Australian education system (excluding immediate family members of the judging panel).

The students can submit up to three entries per person/group. A separate entry form must accompany each entry.

There is no entry fee.


About your entry


Use of third party materials
You should only include other people’s material/s (e.g. music, film and images) in your entry, if you have obtained permission from the owner of the material/s’ or met licensing requirements. By submitting an entry that includes material owned by another third party, you are agreeing that you have obtained permission. Please note the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) may, at any time, request you provide evidence that demonstrates you have obtained permission from the owner of the material/s. Failure to do so may result in your entry being disqualified from the competition.

Use of ATO brand
Entries must not include branding, images, logos or government crests which are the property of or represent the ATO. For example, if a YouTube listing contains any part of the ATO logo, name or brand, or gives the impression that it is official in nature, the entry will be disqualified and we will request its removal or amendment.

Digital entries
There are limits on the file size of digital entries:

  • entries submitted by post have a maximum file size of 4GB
  • entries uploaded to the entry form have a maximum upload limit of 5MB – if your file is larger than this consider using a file sharing platform.

Acceptable digital entry file formats are:

  • video and audio – MP3, MP4, MPG, MPEG, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV
  • image files – PNG, JPG, JPEG
  • other files – PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, ZIP
  • website – URL address
  • social media – for example, YouTube and Vimeo links
  • file sharing platform – for example Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox.
    You will need to ensure the file permissions are set so that anyone can view and download your entry.


How to enter

Entries for the 2023 Tax, Super + You competition have closed.

Entries opened at 9.00am AEST Monday 29th May 2023 and must be received by 5.00pm AEST on Friday 25th August 2023. Late entries will not be accepted.

All individuals that appear in your entry must complete separate film/photo consent forms which must be submitted with your entry.



Selection of winners

The ATO will shortlist entrants from each category (Junior and Senior). The judging panel will select the first, second, third and highly commended winners from the shortlisted entries. The People’s Choice Awards will be selected by the public from the shortlisted entries. The public will be able to vote on taxsuperandyou.gov.au for a period of one week. The winners will be:

  • notified by email
  • published on taxsuperandyou.gov.au
  • published in a media release.


What we are looking for

When shortlisting and selecting the winners of the competition, the ATO and judges will consider:

  • Originality - How original is the concept presented?
  • Execution - How well is the idea executed?
  • Value - What is the potential marketing value of the concept?
  • Relevance - How relevant is the idea to tax and super?

All decisions of the judging panel are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


Use of shortlisted and winning entries

If your entry is shortlisted, you agree to take part in all reasonable publicity activities that may occur. You must allow the ATO to use your entry on ATO websites (taxsuperandyou.gov.au, ato.gov.au, and the ATO intranet) and on the ATO’s social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube and atoTV) for the purposes of determining the People’s Choice Award, promotion of the competition and to support other marketing and communication campaigns.