How do I review student progress and achievement?

Once you have created a class and assigned tasks to students, you can easily monitor their progress and achievement by following these simple steps.

  1. Go to ‘My classes’.
  2. Select the class you want to check and click on ‘Enter’.
  3. Use the dropdown menu next to the activity you want to check and click on ‘Progress’. 
  4. A list of students who have joined the class will appear with an update on which students have completed the assigned tasks.

You can view the results of individual students by clicking on ‘View results’ from the dropdown menu on the right of the student’s name. 

You will only be given results for work that that does not require teacher judgement, such as multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, quizzes and the Work ready course. Other items will include an update on whether the individual task was completed.