How do I submit or save a worksheet I have completed?

If you are using the LMS (My learning)

When you have completed a task:

  1. Click ‘Save and continue’.
  2. Click on ‘Yes’ I have completed the task. Your task will appear in PDF form.

To submit the work without printing it:

  • Click on submit and your teacher will automatically receive your completed task.

If you want to save the task:

  • Click on the Print icon at on the top ribbon and save the task as a PDF. 

If you are not using the LMS

When you have completed a task:

  1. Right click your mouse and press ‘Print’, or open your browser's menu and select ‘Print’.
  2. Select ‘Save as PDF’ in from the Destination drop-down menu.
  3. Click on ‘Save’.
  4. Rename your file and save in a folder of your choice.

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