What are the benefits of registering a parent account?

Whether you are teaching your child from home, want to support their financial literacy or learn yourself, there are lots of benefits to registering for a Tax, Super + You parent account.

Teaching your child from home

Registering a parent account on Tax, Super + You has lots of benefits if you home school your child including:

  • Immediate access to hundreds of free curriculum-aligned resources that will help you deliver the curriculum at home.
  • Knowing what aspects of the curriculum are being covered in each activity so you can map your child’s learning. 
  • Being given instructions on how to teach each activity with suggested activity sequences and all the resources you need provided.
  • Being able to create a class with your child, assign tasks and monitor their progress and achievements.
  • Allowing you to select tasks that meet the needs and interests of your child and allowing them to self-pace their own learning online.
  • Print downloadable resources for your child’s use.

Supporting financial literacy

Once you register for a parent account on Tax, super + You, you will have immediate access to: 

  • hundreds of free resources like explainers, videos, interactives, calculators and quizzes you can use to support you or your child’s understanding of tax and super
  • several activities that support financial literacy, like how to budget, how to set goals and how to understand your or you child’s spending habits 
  • a short course on becoming work and business ready you or your child might like to take. 

And if your child undertakes the work ready course, assessment is automatic and once the course is successfully completed, they will be given a certificate of completion to add to their portfolios.