What are the benefits of registering a teacher account?

There are lots of benefits to registering for a Tax, Super + You teacher account. Once you register, you will have immediate access to hundreds of free curriculum-aligned resources that will support you to teach the curriculum. Registering has many other benefits, including:

  • detailed instructions on how to sequence activities with ready access to all the resources you need that will save you time
  • clear curriculum links for each activity so you can keep abreast of what you are teaching and what students are learning
  • a learning management system that allows you to create classes, assign online tasks and monitor student progress and achievement
  • the flexibility to select or adapt resources that best suit the needs and interests of your students or to allow them to self-pace their learning
  • downloadable resources that you can print for student use
  • comprehensive set of general resources like teacher tools and graphic organisers
  • lots of engaging resources like videos, interactives, calculators and quizzes that use real-world contexts to make learning the curriculum meaningful and relevant. 

There’s also a work ready course to prepare students for their first job and success in their adult lives. Once students have completed this online course, they will be issued with a certificate of completion that they can add to their portfolios.