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In this suite of activities, students develop their understanding of the role taxes play in funding sport and recreation, and the place of the federal government initiative Sport 2030. They consider the extent to which government funding supports the principles of equity and inclusion and how building infrastructure to host international sporting events support the health and wellbeing of individuals across the community. 

Australian Curriculum or Syllabus


  • critically analyse impacts of factors and determinants that influence health (sociocultural, economic and political)
  • undertake independent inquiries and research into health promotion campaigns or programs
  • describe government roles and responsibilities for health promotion and determine their effectiveness for all Australians
  • think critically about issues that influence health funding.

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Olympic dreams

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Olympic dreams


On the international stage

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Suggested activity sequence

This sequence is intended as a framework to be modified and adapted by teachers to suit the needs of a class group. If you assign this activity to a class, your students will be assigned all student resources on their 'My learning' page. You can also hand-pick the resources students are assigned by selecting individual resources when you add a work item to a class in 'My classes'.

Part A: Sport 2030

  1. Use the visualiser to explain the Sport 2030
  2. As a class, draw a concept map of the Sport 2030 action areas and brainstorm impacts, outcomes, obstacles and connections.

Part B: Sport for all (equity and inclusion)

  1. Display the ’Sport for all‘ slide on the visualiser.
  2. As a class, brainstorm how the list of target groups address the principles of equity and inclusion.
  3. Think-pair-share: How stereotypes and prejudice are supported or challenged by tax funding.
  4. Table groups choose one of the following topics to investigate:
    1. Tax funding for male versus female sport facility funding
    2. Levels of funding for the Paralympics.
  5. Table groups share their findings with the class.

Part C: Olympic dreams

  1. As a class discuss the Olympic dreams investigation.
  2. Students complete the investigation. They will need the Olympic dreams model to guide their investigation.

Part D: On the international stage

  1. Students complete the on the international stage investigation.
  2. Negotiate with students the time for completion.
  3. Display student products in the classroom and discuss their findings.